Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crayon Box

This is my homework:

I didn't do the purple or brown page. I just didn't want to. 

This was a puzzle I put together

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st day of 1st grade

I took pictures, then walked to the bus. I checked the soda machine, it was out of service. We found a snail. I got some stuff that got stuck inside it. It was happy. I kept it happy and then it was time to go to the bus. I sat with my brother and one of our friends.

We got off the bus and went to recess. I played with Dylan and Cheyenne. I, uh, went inside. I was glad that a few of my friends from my old class were in my new class: Jeffery, Cheyenne, Katie, and Dylan.

We listen to a book about a girl mouse that was names Chrysanthemum. When she went to school everyone picked at her. Then when she got home she said that school was no place for her. The next day the people at school said that she looked like a flower. They pretend to pick her, and to smell her. But the next day there was a new teacher named Mrs. Twinkles. She was named after a flower too but they liked her. So she made the kids jealous. That's the end of the book.

Then we made puppet school houses. We cut out it, then glued it, then we had a little puppet. Then I colored the puppet. Then we read another book called A pocket full of Kisses" It's where there's this raccoon called chester and his brother called Ronnie. Then he told that he should give Ronnie away. his mother said, I thought you like having a baby brother. Chester said "I did but now he follows me around, plays with my toys, swings on my swing, reads my books, and tears them apart. And ruins all my stuff." Then his mom helded his hand in hers, kissed him right in the middle of the palm, then she got Ronnie's hand and kissed it right in the palm. Then Chester said "That was my kissing hand." Then his mother said "You silly goose, that was Ronnie's kissing hand" Then she did it again to Ronnie. Then she said "Put this in your pocket and take good care of it". He did. The end of the book

I went out to recess. I played Star Wars with a guy named Kyler. Dylan was R2D2. Jeffery was R4D4. Kyler was Luke Skywalker. I was Han Solo. We got into the Millennium Falcon and destroyed the Death Star. We shot it and it blew up when it tried to destroy planet Earth. Then I bumped Darth Vader's ship. Rhett was Dark Vader.

Then we packed up and went home and did our journal.

1st day of 3rd grade

I got off the bus and went into school to the play yard. I went in line and I went in. Mrs. VanWangenen told us the rules, and other things, and we sang a song. Then we did a worksheet about us, then B track came in. When they came in, we did another page.

And then, we went to lunch. For lunch, I had carrots, yogurt and an apple. I forgot about the sandwich. It was in the bottom pocket of my lunch bag, so I forgot it.

After lunch, we went into silent reading time. Mrs V.W. read this book about a girl and her family was really weird. One day when their paper boy came there, he said your family is weird your dad wears an umbrella while he rides around and he sings opera. Your mom wears her sneakers everywhere she even wears them in her see through galoshes. Your sister she collects can labels and she rides her roller skates while singing opera on her way to school. That was the end of chapter one.
After that, we went to P.E. We played greedy gray octopus. And another game that I can't remember. We went back into the class and we made a flag with a balloon on it.

After that I went home. When I got off the bus, I went to check to see if the soda machine was working but it. wasn't so instead we got gum balls. Then I went home and when I went through the door my mom was really excited to see me.

I feel happy about my first day of school. Mrs. V.W> has a popcorn machine. She is really fun and I did well with her today. I'm excited to see my friends Luke, Caleb, Xavier, Kenneth and Jeanette. Kyler was in my class too.

The End.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Yummy Breakfast

This morning, I got up. I had a yummy breakfast. I had some kind of eye sandwich. It had eggs and sausage in the middle. There was an egg was cooked inside the bread and it had sausage too. The sausage had red peppercorn flakes. It was a little bit too spicy.

Then I, uh, did my homework.  It was about opposites and pictures. So I had to draw a line to the picture, from the picture to the sentence or the sentence to the picture. And I sweeped the floor as my cleaning. Mommy cut my hair and my ear hair.

I fed DJ, cutsie patootsie DJ! I watched KAW play Brick Breaker, when he wasn't supposed to. Mommy got very mad when Kai lied to her. Then I did Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride for my dance practice. And my Haka, and Na Waka, and Ten Guitars. Then I did my journal. The End.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Field Day

I did tug of war. My class won. We got a trophy.  We played some games: soap booth, you have to get the button and soak the teacher. I sunk the teacher every time I got to do it. I got a hundred bags of popcorn, not buttered.

I got an otter pop and bouncy ball. I lost it in the road at the other side of the playground. It went into the bushes. tshh! Then i went in the bushes and couldn't find it. It was made out of air so it popped because of the thorns so I threw it away.

Then last but not least I got third place, I mean our class got third place.

Then I went on the bus and went inside to eat lunch. I brought home a seven peaks pass because I read. I also brought home a yellow slip, which means I get to watch TV for a half an hour.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Strange Weapons

I made an -an page. 
Then I played hopscotch at the big playground. 
I played with my clock. It teached me how to do time. 

I made a dinosaur book

I went to recess.
I writed a story about skunks.
Skunks are black and white. They have claws. 
In the morning they find a safe place to sleep. 
Skunks are cute.

Mom Note: I found this in CJ's backpack. He told me it was his phone. I asked him where he got it from: the black path, by Sister Daines house, the bus stop. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dinosaur Museum

CJ has been excited all week for his school field trip to the dinosaur museum. 

He discovered new dinosaur bones and has hidden them in his secret lair at school.

He asked me where paleontologists live. 

When he returned home from the museum, he reported that there are new dinosaur bones. 

I'm glad that our frequent trips has not diminished his enjoyment of dinos.